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Female Necrophilia

Female Necrophilia

By MichiganGhoul, the Minister of Necrophilia

 The popularity and practice of any given erotic act is difficult to gauge due to the private nature of the act itself. This shroud of secrecy is even thicker when the act in question is 1. Illegal, 2. Taboo 3. Considered loathsome by 'mainstream' society. Being both '2' and '3' in all locations and '1' in many others, necrophilia qualifies as one of the most clandestine erotic acts that one can imagine.

Arriving at an accurate figure as to how many necrophiles and would-be necrophiles exist in the world at any given time is essentially impossible since persons so inclined are oftentimes afflicted with such extreme guilt and denial over their 'abnormal' drives that even the admission of these desires in their own conscious mind is repressed.* This excessive secrecy and denial has resulted in an almost total lack of understanding (much less sympathy) towards persons who harbor necrophilic thoughts and/or engage in like minded actions. There are people (both professionals and lay persons alike) who believe that necrophilia is a desire limited exclusively to the male gender. Speaking as someone who has not only read literally dozens of articles and books on necrophilia and practitioneers thereof but has also been contacted by no fewer than 7 female necrophiles, I can assure you that this theory is patently false. This article is dedicated to those ladies and their hitherto largely unrecognized sexuality.

Beyond any doubt, the most famous of all female necrophiles was Karen Greenlee, a young California embalming apprentice. Anyone of the opinion that a woman who practices necrophilia must be physically repulsive would find themselves humbled when confronted with a photo of this attractive woman. What follows is a tribute I wrote concerning Ms. Greenlee in the Winter 1997 issue of 'The NecroErotic.' Karen Greenlee is perhaps the third most famous necrophile of the 20th century. (just behind Ed Gein and Jeff Dahmer), so failing to include her contributions in this essay would be a serious omission. (or, if you have a liking for literary puns, a GRAVE omission)

Just prior to Xmas of 1979, K.G. was apprehended for the theft of the corpse of 33 year old John Mercure. Eleven days of jail time and a $255.00 fine later, Karen was released a free woman. The only 'crimes' the prosecutor was able to charge her with were interfering with a legal burial and illegal use of a hearse; necrophilia was not against the law, in and of itself. Several months later, during a civil lawsuit filed by Mercure's mother, it was learned (through Karen's own testimony, as well as by the reading of a letter she had written prior to a failed suicide attempt.) that she had engaged in sexual contact with anywhere from twenty to forty male cadavers during her stint as an embalmer's apprentice at Memorial Lawn Mortuary in Sacramento, CA. During the time period surrounding the trial, Karen went through stages of suicidal thought, guilt, self hatred, doubt and revulsion over her deeds. Happily, by the mid 1980's she had become a self-aware, self-accepting necrophile. In an interview (published in the book, 'Apocalypse Culture') entitled, 'The Unrepentant Necrophile', she comes across as a confident and strong young woman. In the final paragraph of that piece, her statements, "I realized necrophilia made sense for me...I used to go from the therapist's office to the funeral home. It didn't work, folks!" serve as testimony that a good necrophile can't be kept down. Best of luck to you, Karen, wherever you are today!

Since the time that article was written, the movie 'Kissed' has been released. Names were changed and scenarios added, however the writers and directors clearly had Karen Greenlee in mind insofar as the main aspects of the film are concerned. Although the eroticism portrayed therein is mostly of the 'softcore' variety, the scene wherein the lead character strips down and mounts a cadaver in the embalming room is incredibly arousing. This film is recommended to anyone drawn to or curious about necrophilia in general and Ms. Greenlee in particular. Not so obviously based on the Greenlee case are the German made films 'Nekromantik' parts 1 and 2. If 'Kissed' dealt with necrophilia as a romantic, gentle fetish, the 'Nekromantik' films portrayed sex with the dead as being a decidedly lustful and at times slimy, bloody affair (and who can argue with that ?) Highlights include realistic looking scenes depicting the lead actress mounting a rotting corpse, exhuming her late boyfriend and later placing his severed head atop the torso of another male body.

When it comes to fantasy images of both ‘snuff’ and necrophilia online, one of the best known (also, in this author’s opinion, one of the highest quality) websites is . This site is hosted by ‘Vicki’ and features photos of her suffering mock ‘deaths’ and ‘defilements’ at the hands of an ‘assailant.’ Vicki makes it clear in her online disclaimer that such images are not meant to encourage real life rape or murder.

Getting back to realistic necrophilia, in May of 1996, a group of three French teenagers entered a graveyard. One of them, a girl named Ely Dervillers, broke open a coffin by jumping on it with her boots (an unthinkable accomplishment for someone such as myself who lives in a nation where almost all caskets are made from steel). She then proceeded to push an upside down cross into the chest of the (elderly female) cadaver. Before piercing the chest, Ely fondled the breasts of the corpse. Around Halloween time of 1997, a 33 year old woman and her boyfriend were charged with stealing two skulls from the Lone Mountain Cemetery in Carson City, Nevada. One of the skulls was allegedly sold to another woman said to have purchased it for a Satanic ceremony.

The following paragraphs contain brief biographies of female necrophiles who I’ve been privileged to know personally as well as transcripts of e-mails sent to me by the same. It is my hope that these descriptions will give readers a further view into the psyche and emotions of those members of the fairer sex who engage in necrophilia or desire to do so.

E- Mails I would love to hear your stories I am a liscenced embalmer and can be around the dead way more than some get the chance to. I would love to hear your stories and share some of my own as you know it is quite hard to find anyone interested in the subject or if they find out they just think you belong in a nuthouse or that you are a total pervert. So we are definitly in the minority of sexual fantasys. I am 29 female from arkansas. Divorced thank goodness for that. He was a conservative christian with very little respect for anyone but his beliefs. And very closed minded to anything. I will talk to you again later. s. I'm 16 years old and I have a fetish for cadavers and morbid things. I told my psychoanist about dreams i have that i allways had about walking into a funerul home and gracefully climing into a coffin with a man i never seen befor and making love to his cold stiff body. And now their going to send me away for how long i do not know, how can i get out of this mess i put my self into? please e-mail back as soon as possible. Jenni Hello to you. My name is rebekah and I am a 23 yr old female with what I feel is a perfectly normal and healthy outlook on necrophilia. I have always been aroused by the idea of caressing, fondling and just out and out loving a body that has been possessed by only me. To know that nobody else could cherish them the way I could in their most giving time is what I would call the most perfect love of all. The few people I have stupidly confided in about this have either bombarded me with what I consider to be the most insenstive comments ever to be said, or the ask me questions that make me believe that sexual IGNORANCE can never be done away with. My all time favorites are, "EWW!!! Dead people stink! Why in the world would you want to have sex with a body ?", or "If the man is dead, how can you have sex with them ?", or "Would you do it with a woman ?" Needless to say, I have settled into the fact that the world pretty much thinks I'm a sick fuck. It really hurts to think that people are so buttoned down in the way they see "sex" that they can't understand the incredible beauty and purity that could be theirs if they just allowed it to be so. Well, I appreciate you reading this and allowing me to vent some of my feelings on this very special and important way of life, for I have nothing but the utmost respect and love for someone who can tell the world that necrophilia is not only extremely erotic, it is also (to me) the only "pure" way to show your love and respect to not only what that person once was but to what that person always will be to you: UTTERLY PERFECT in EVERY last way.

In 1993, a New Jersey teenage Satanist named Stephanie contacted yours truly and expressed (among other desires) a fantasy for consuming human meat. When I began publishing ‘The NecroErotic’ in early 1995, Stephanie was among the first people to receive an issue. Our desires in this regard turned out to be quite similar and based on these (and other) qualities, plans were made toward establishing a live-in relationship with one another. Tragically, Stephanie herself became a corpse during the Fall of 1995, the victim of a high speed automobile accident.

Around the time of Stephanie’s death, a young woman from Tennessee by the name of Kristy began writing to me. As was the case with Stephanie, our written correspondence soon was expanded to include phone calls and plans for a meeting. While Stephanie’s fantasies mainly involved elements of domination, desecration and sadism, Kristy’s thoughts centered more around submission and being a ‘server’ of sorts towards a dominant partner. She once stated that the thought of someone using her cadaver for postmortem sex gave her a sense of arousal. Regrettably, she was to realize at least part of this goal prematurely: In the early Spring of 1997, Kristy passed on just days after her 22nd birthday after a bout with severe pneumonia.

In the mid-1990’s, a correspondence between me and a self proclaimed mortuary manager in California (we’ll call her ‘Marion’ for the purposes of this article) was initiated by her. I was never able to ascertain whether or not the statements she made concerning her employment and/or the resulting necrophilic activities were true, however the fact that she and I traded corpse photos and discussed necrophilia confirmed her interest in this subject.

By far, the most sincere female necrophile that I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing is a woman I have traditionally referred to as ‘Fraulein Liebe Leiche.’ A German by birth, Fraulein and yours truly have teamed up on two separate cemetery excursions. For obvious reasons, details given here must be somewhat limited. The first encounter took place on our first night together. She and I jumped the fence at an overseas cemetery and managed to partially excavate a wooden coffin. The cemetery was located just off of a main road, hence we had to be careful not to make any excessive noise. Unfortunately, this restriction prevented us from opening the casket, although we did manage to obtain some bone fragments from that same cemetery. Our second rendezvous (at a different cemetery) involved Fraulein keeping watch while I and another friend took custody of an urn. We later divided up portions of the cremated remains between ourselves. Fraulein also accompanied me on a 2000 visit to the grave of necrophilic hero and pioneer Edward Theodore Gein in Plainfield, Wisconsin, and her bedroom shelf contains a prominently displayed human skull (which was obtained as a medical specimen.) As one necrophile speaking of another, I can sincerely state that she has become a major part of my life and I have the highest regard for her. I welcome an open dialogue with any and all female necrophiles in the world today. Rest assured that I will NEVER pass your name, address or any identifiable information on to anyone without your permission.

*Based on my own research into this matter, I've arrived at the admittedly unscientific estimation that 1% of the total world population practices either actual necrophilia, pseudo-necrophilia (i.e. role playing with a live partner or mannequin) or would be open to such practices if the proper scenario was presented to them.

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